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Your guide to searching with SourceMe

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Basic Search

You have the option of using the search engine to manually type in the product or services you are interested in e.g. you may type in 'Business Information' in the search engine.

In some cases, many of the products and services you have an interest in could have several meanings and purposes, so we will provide you with a specific list of products and services that relate to your original search criteria in order to find your ideal supplier e.g. should you enter 'Business' into the search engine, we will then provide a short list of products and services that contains your entry. Amongst this list may include Business Process Management, Business Information and Business Intelligence.

Advanced Search

The advanced search option lets you find what you’re looking for using our list of categories.

Search results

Once you have searched for your product or service of interest, SourceMe will then provide you with your results. Here you will see a short list of suppliers that match your specific need.

Remember, all suppliers provided in your search result will be a match to your organisation provided you have given us the correct demographic background of your company.

If you have any questions please email the SourceMe team at

Happy sourcing!