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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is SourceMe Finance?

SourceMe Finance is the UK’s number 1 digital marketplace for connecting vetted finance decision makers and relevant suppliers. Whether you are a Finance Director, CFO, Head of Finance or Finance Manager within a UK organisation, SourceMe Finance is the ideal solution for finding your ideal supplier.

In short, we help smart, forward thinking finance decision makers connect with like minded supplier businesses.

2) Why is SourceMe Finance different to a typical supplier directory?

SourceMe Finance is a unique online site designed for Finance decision makers to find the best and most relevant suppliers for a product or service they require.

Based on the profiling data of both Finance decision makers and suppliers, the site will find the perfect business match cutting out the irrelevance.

While other 'directories' provide endless pages of irrelevant supplier companies, SourceMe is different with the end result for Finance decision makers being a short and concise listing of relevant suppliers to aid identification of the best solution providers for their business.

3) Who is SourceMe Finance for?

SourceMe Finance typically attracts two different audiences, a finance buyer and supplier.

As a buyer, Finance Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Heads of Finance, Finance Managers as well as Procurement leaders will use SourceMe Finance to help find their ideal supplier to achieve their projects and goals.

As a supplier, SourceMe Finance attracts any organisation who has product and/or service solutions for Finance decision makers. Whether you are Small, Medium or Large Enterprise company, SourceMe Finance is the ideal marketplace to gain exposure to your target audience.

4) Is SourceMe Finance free?

Yes, for a Finance decision maker, SourceMe Finance is free to join and use. There are no hidden costs.

However, for a supplier there is a cost to be listed in the SourceMe Finance marketplace. See pricing options.

5) As a buyer, why do I have to register?

It is critical that we obtain some information for the purpose of the site, to be able to match Finance decision makers with the most relevant suppliers. Otherwise SourceMe Finance will just be another directory, offering endless pages of irrelevant companies.

The information we obtain from our members is used purely to match against both users with full confidentiality.

6) Will my information be exposed to 3rd parties?

No, all information provided by members has full confidentiality and will not be exposed to 3rd parties.

7) In short as a Finance buyer, how do I use the site?

As a Finance decision maker, there are simple steps to make the most out of your SourceMe experience:

  • Join and complete a short profile of your organisation
  • Search for a product and/or service you require using our smart search engine or A-Z advanced search
  • Supplier best matched results, a short list of relevant suppliers based on your profiling information will be on view
  • View supplier profiles
  • If they are of interest? Contact the supplier using 'ConnectMe' for further information, arrange a telephone call or meeting.
  • When ready, go back and use SourceMe Finance again to find another provider to meet your needs!
8) I can't find a product and/or service that I am looking for?

Don't worry, contact SourceMe to help! We will help identify the right solution with the relevant providers. Email

9) Not enough suppliers have appeared in my search results?

Don't worry, contact SourceMe to help! We will help identify the right solution with the relevant providers. Email

10) Forgotten your user name or password?

Your user name is your email address that you used to register your account.

Don't worry if you have forgotten your password, click here and enter your email address. We will send you a link so you can reset your password.

Supplier FAQs

11) What is the cost for a supplier listing?

There are two options for suppliers when joining SourceMe Finance, Basic and Plus packages. See here for pricing and inclusion overview.

12) Why should I opt for a SourceMe Plus account?

SourceMe Plus offers greater benefits to market your company more effectively to your target audience. The extra benefits include:

  • Inclusion in general marketing campaigns
  • Inclusion in promotional targeted sector messaging through email and social media
  • Able to offer a resourceful profile, with the ability to upload video, case study's and white papers / corporate brochures
  • Unlimited admin contacts, so you and your team can update your profile while being kept in the loop with any leads generated
13) As a supplier member, can I also have a 'buyer' account?

Yes, but only for the use of the Finance Director or equivalent within your organisation. All members are monitored for such purposes.

14) Can I advertise on SourceMe Finance?

Yes, there are advertising opportunities. Please email for more details.

15) Can we get a supplier sponsored listing?

Yes, but this is only available to one supplier within their sector due to the website matching purpose. Please email for more details.

16) One or more of my companies products/services are not listed in the 'main area of business'?

Don't worry, contact SourceMe to help! We will look at what's missing, and address this to the site so you don't miss out. Email

17) Can I change or update our offerings and target customers?

Yes, simply log in to SourceMe Finance and make any changes or additions under 'My SourceMe' tab at the top.

18) How will I know if our profile is getting enough views?

All suppliers will be given monthly update reports detailing how many times your company has appeared in search results and profile views.

19) What level of information will the supplier profile include?

Depends on which package option you go for, but included:

  • Company logo
  • About us
  • Office address
  • Top 5 products and services you offer
  • Clients you work with
  • Industry sectors you work with
  • White paper / corporate brochures (SourceMe Plus)
  • Case study's (SourceMe Plus)
  • Video (SourceMe Plus)
20) Can't find an answer?

Contact the SourceMe team to help